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How to clean & care for your Towels & Pads

How to clean & care for your Towels & Pads
It is important to use soft high quality microfiber or 100% cotton towels and pads. All pads should be thoroughly washed and inspected regularly and stored in a dirt free environment.
We recommend the following:
Machine wash your towels after each use using cold or warm water clean and care for towels and pads
Use liquid laundry detergent and avoid powder detergents. This eliminates the possibility of undissolved powder getting trapped in the pads/towels.
Do not use fabric softeners of any kind. These products will make your towels and pads less absorbent.
Machine dry. Avoid high heat settings to prevent damaging the microfiber.
Thoroughly inspect both sides of each towel or pad for contaminants that may have become imbedded into the material.
Keep towels and pads used on your vehicles seperate from those used for household cleaning, such as cleaning floors and shop areas. Also keep them separate during washing.
After towels and pads have been washed and inspected, store them in a sealed container or bag, free from dust or dirt.


  • Microfiber is lint free. To keep your microfiber towels and pads free of lint, do not wash them with cotton products.
  • To avoid static cling when machine drying, remove the towels from the dryer before they're completely dry.

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