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How to Polish Aluminum wheels

Waterless Clean & Protect Wheels

How to Clean & Protect Wheels
Spray Wash Wax ALL (blue) on the wheel clean and protect wheels
Dry the wheel with a dry towel
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Polish Aluminum Wheels

How to Clean & Protect Wheels
Apply Polish ALL to a clean, dry surface using a soft towel or foam applicator pad. clean and protect wheels
Rub an area in a circular motion. Move from left to right overlapping each circle as you go.
  • Keep the surface wet with Polish ALL while rubbing
  • A new towel or pad will require a level of saturation before it will leave enough polish to keep the surface wet as you rub, so you will apply more Polish ALL at the beginning.
Use Wash Wax ALL (blue) to remove polish residue before the polish dries.
  • Keep the wheel clean and protect the area with Wash Wax ALL.
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