How to: Waterless Clean & Protect Tires


Spray on


Damp Towel

Dry Towel 

  • Spray Wash ALL Degreaser or Tire Soap on the tire.

  • Scrub the tire with an Aero Scrubber or brush.

  • Wipe the tire with a damp towel.

  • Dry the tire with a dry towel.

To Wet Wash tires, See How to Wet Wash. 


Spray on


Damp Towel

Dry Towel 

  • Clean & dry the rubber with a good quality cleaner like
    Wash ALL Degreaser or Tire Soap.

  • Spray on Rubber Care.

  • Spray on Wash Wax ALL or wipe with a damp towel.

  • Wipe the surface with a dry towel.


• We recommend removing excess Rubber Care, after the soaking period, to prevent the tires from attracting dirt. Excess Rubber Care can be removed with a damp towel or by spraying Wash Wax ALL (Blue) on the tire and wiping it off with a dry towel. 

• Rubber Care gives tires a deep black satin look, like a new tire, without leaving the tires looking oily and wet.

• You can use Belly Soap or SafeSolv to remove brown stains white walls or white lettering.