Wash Wax Clay Pad with Holder- 2 Pack

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The safest and most effective way to remove contamination from your vehicle's paintwork. Achieve a smooth as glass finish with our Clay Pad. Easily remove contaminants such as tree sap, water spots, overspray, and more. Simply spray Wash Wax ALL or Wax ALL onto the surface to be cleaned and rub the clay pad, keep the surface lubricated. 

Perfect for removing contamination before applying your favorite coat of wax or paintwork sealant. The Clay Bar is non-abrasive and safe on aluminum, chrome, fiberglass, glass, and all painted surfaces. Restore the smooth feel back to any car, truck, motorcycle, RV, and boat.

 Dimensions of pad- 3.5"x4.5"

This pad comes with a holder and (2) clay pads. 

How To Use:
1. Wet Wash or Waterless wash the vehicle prior to application.
2. Spray a 2 sq. ft. area with 2-3 sprays of Wash Wax ALL or Wax ALL.
3. Rub the area in a circular or back and forth motion, using medium pressure with the Clay Pad. Keep the area wet with Wax ALL when rubbing.
4. Wipe the remaining Wax ALL off of the surface with a microfiber towel before it dries on its own.
5. Rub your hands across the surface, it should feel very soft and smooth. If not, repeat the process.
6. Continue these steps until you have completed the entire vehicle.
7. Inspect the vehicle with a clean, dry microfiber towel removing any streaks or smudges.

Care Instructions: After each use, simply rinse the pad in warm water. No soap is necessary. Store in a clean bag or retail container. 

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