Waterless Wash Wax Mop 15" (Head Only)

Aero CosmeticsSKU: WWMnp

Sale price$69.95


The Wash Wax Mop was developed to make waterless washing faster and easier, without the need for a ladder. This new, patent-pending, first of its kind, double-sided mop, has two independent, washable, microfiber pads. One pad, the "wet side", is for applying Wash Wax ALL to the surface to be cleaned, and the other pad, the "dry side", is for drying the surface. Aero Cosmetics customers have reported that due to the waterless mop`s ease-of-use, it reduces the time to clean an aircraft or RV by 40-50%. Now you can clean a much larger area faster, with less effort, while also eliminating the safety concerns with constantly climbing and moving a ladder.

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