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5" Mini Bug Scrubber Mop

β€’ Faster, Easier, Waterless Bug Removal.
β€’ Smaller size to allow for optical scrubbing pressure.
β€’ Perfect for tight, hard to reach areas.

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Mini Bug Scrubber Mop

The new patent-pending Bug Scrubber/Mini Mop, excellent for removing baked-on bugs from the leading edges of Aircraft and RV`s. Extends from 3` 9" to 9 feet with the push of a button. The Bug Scrubber has two settings, regular scrubbing, and Power edge scrubbing. Will, not scratch paint or gel coat. Use with Wash Wax ALL. Includes an extra Microfiber pad so you can also use it as a Mini Wash Wax Mop.

How to Use Wash Wax ALL

1). Spray the Wet side with 10-20 pumps of Wash Wax ALL. (This is to prime a new dry pad)

2). Spray Wash Wax ALL on the area to be cleaned. We recommend about one spray pump per square foot.Β 

3). Wipe the area with the Wet side of the mop.

4). Flip the mop over to the Dry side and dry the areaΒ before the Wash Wax ALL dries on its own.Β