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Ceramic 37 - Graphene Infused Ceramic Coating

Aero Cosmetics Aircraft-Grade UV Graphene Ceramic Coating for all vehicles.

  • 10H hardness for 7-10 years of protection.
  • Ultra-high gloss, excessive hydrophobic water beading, and depth of color.
  • Safe to use on paint, glass, headlights, chrome, wheels, plastic trims, clear coat, single stage, lacquer paint, and vinyl wraps.
  • Use Wash Wax ALL to keep it clean and protected for up to 10 years.
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How to: Use Ceramic 37

  • Wear chemical resistant gloves, eye protection, and use in a well-ventilated area.
  • Ceramic 37 can be applied to Paint, Gel Coat, Plastic, Carbon Fiber, Glass, Vinyl Decals, Vinyl Wraps, Paint Protection Films, Aluminum, Stainless, Chrome, Wheels, and Trim.
  • Not for use on tires and windshield wiper blades.

Surface Preparation

Apply in a covered, well-lit area, and allow the surface temperature to cool before application. The ideal ambient temperature to apply the ceramic is between 65-85F. Do not apply Ceramic 37 in temperatures below 50F and over 100F.

  • Thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle with a high-quality, non-conditioning, car wash soap, like our Wet Wash Shampoo or waterless wash your vehicle with Wash ALL Multipurpose Degreaser (Red).
  • Spray Iron Remover on all surfaces and let soak for 2-3 minutes.
  • Thoroughly rinse off Iron Remover BEFORE IT DRIES.
  • Remove contaminants from the surfaces using Wash ALL Multipurpose Degreaser (Red) and a Clay Pad.
  • Use a high-quality finishing polish, like Polish ALL, to remove any paint imperfections such as oxidation, swirl marks, water spots, and fine scratches.
  • Fold some clean, dry, microfiber towels in half twice to make a square. This will allow you to unfold and expose clean sides as the towel gets dirty.
  • Wipe down the vehicle with a high-quality prep solvent, like Prep It. It is important to unfold and flip your towel to a new side for every panel (hood, fender, door), and change out the towels frequently.
  • Do a final wipe down with 70% or stronger Isopropyl alcohol with clean microfiber towels. To ensure a thorough cleaning, be sure to switch to clean sides of the towel and change out the towel frequently.
  • Tape off any areas that you do not want to ceramic coat by using painter’s tape. If applied with precision and accuracy, painter’s tape may not be needed.

Product Application

  • Important: Shake the Ceramic 37 bottle for at least 30 seconds. The liquid should look black once it is completely mixed.
  • Wrap the microsuede towel around the foam applicator and insert the edges of the towel into the holding channel. A credit card can be used to help press the edges into the holding channel.
  • When you are ready to apply Ceramic 37, pour a line down the center of the applicator towel.
  • Starting at the highest point, apply Ceramic 37 taking a small area at a time such as a fender, door panel, or half of your hood or roof. Using a side-to-side motion, apply Ceramic 37. Then, go back over the area in the opposite direction, back and forth, making a crosshatch pattern. This ensures even coverage. Example: If you were going up and down, now go side-to-side.

    Pour another line on the applicator periodically when it appears that you are not leaving a continuous, even coat of ceramic. Having a well-lit area will help you see when the applicator is not leaving an even coat.
  • Wait between 5 and 10 minutes for the Ceramic 37 to cure and then buff it to a gloss with a clean and dry micro fiber towel. Buffing with a microfiber towel levels out the coating and removes excess ceramic.

    As you get more comfortable with the application, you can begin to work faster by applying it to one door panel sized area, move on and apply it to the next area, then go back to the first area and buff the first area. Once you finish buffing the first area, you will then apply ceramic to a third area, then go back and buff the second area. This allows you to complete the vehicle faster.
  • Continue to apply Ceramic 37 to the rest of the vehicle. Make sure to keep the cure time to no less than 5 minutes and no longer than 10 minutes.
  • Let coating fully cure for 1 hour before driving and 24 hours before exposing to moisture or washing.

Note: Once you have finished with the microfiber towels and applicator towels that you use to apply the ceramic, dispose of them. The Ceramic 37 that is on the towels will harden and crystallize. This can cause scratching if they are reused on paint.

Do not let the Ceramic 37 cure for more than 10 minutes or you may not be able to buff and level that area to a gloss.

Letting it cure for too long creates a “high-spot” in the coating. High spots can appear dull or will have a rainbow sheen that will not wipe off. If you get any high spots, you can do the following:

  • Reapply the Ceramic 37 to that area and buff it after waiting 5 minutes to see if it removes the high spot.
  • If it does not remove the high spot, you will need to use a finishing polish like Polish ALL to remove the spot. Clean the area, and then reapply the Ceramic 37 to that area.

To get the most out of your ceramic coating, use Wash Wax ALL (Blue) to keep your vehicle clean, and apply Wax ALL at least once a year.
It isn’t necessary, but you can continue applying more coats of the Ceramic 37 if you have any remaining in the bottle after completing the first coat.

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