Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wash Wax ALL?
What makes the Wash Wax Mop so special?
What does it mean by "wet or dry"?
How does Wash Wax ALL compare with Protect-All or Dri-Wash and Guard?
What is the difference between Wash Wax ALL Regular and Wash ALL Degreaser?
How do I determine whether to use Regular or Degreaser?
What do you use to apply Wash Wax ALL?
Is Wash Wax ALL corrosive?
Is Wash Wax ALL clear coat safe?
Will Wash Wax ALL scratch?
What should I do if I have mud, sand, or gritty dirt on the surface?
How far will Wash Wax go?
How long will Wash Wax ALL last after it's applied?
Will Wash Wax ALL build-up and how often should I use it?
Will Wash Wax ALL remove oxidation?
What are the ingredients of Wash Wax ALL?
What happens if the Wash Wax ALL freezes?
Is Wash Wax ALL safe on glass or plastic windows?
Is Wash Wax ALL Degreaser safe to use on windows?
Do you offer free samples?
Can I use Wash Wax ALL on a hot surface or in direct sunlight?
What happens if the Wash Wax ALL dries before I wipe it off?
Is Wash Wax ALL safe to use on floors?
What is the AeroScrubber?
What is the warranty on Aero Cosmetics Products?