Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wash Wax ALL?

Wash Wax ALL is an all surface cleaner and wax that is excellent to use on everything you clean, from aircraft to sunglasses. Why just clean when you can clean and wax.The non-stick coating left behind means it will stay cleaner longer and make clean up easier. Safe to use on all surfaces such as paint, gel-coat, plastic, glass, aluminum, leather, vinyl, rubber, wood, and other hard surfaces. For tough cleaning jobs, use with the Aero Scrubber.

Will Wash Wax ALL scratch?

Wash Wax ALL will not scratch as long as there is no mud, sand, road salt, or de-ice gravel on the surface. This can be found if you use your vehicle off-road, on the beach, in a desert environment, or during icy road conditions. Also be sure to use quality soft towels that are washed and inspected regularly.

What should I do if I have mud, sand, or gritty dirt on the surface?

Rinse the vehicle off with fresh water first, then spray on Wash Wax ALL as you dry it. Wash Wax ALL works on either wet or dry surfaces.  

What is the "shelf life" of Wash Wax ALL?

The shelf life is 3 years.

Will Wash Wax ALL remove oxidation?

Wash Wax ALL is formulated to clean and protect and not intended to repair paint problems such as oxidation. We recommend using Polish ALL to remove light oxidation.

What does it mean by "wet or dry"?

It means that Wash Wax ALL works on wet or dry surfaces. Use on a dry surface as a waterless cleaner and wax without having to move the vehicle or use hoses and buckets. Use "wet" by washing as you normally do and spraying it on as you dry, leaving your vehicle waxed in the same time it takes you to dry.

Is Wash Wax ALL corrosive?

No. Wash Wax ALL is formulated without any caustic ingredients and has passed corrosion testing performed by an independent laboratory (testing results available upon request).

Can I use Wash Wax ALL on a hot surface or in direct sunlight?

Direct sunlight will have no affect on the application and performance of Wash Wax ALL. However, if the surface is hot, we recommend using a damp towel to cool down the surface when applying the Wash Wax ALL, followed by a dry towel. See- How to Waterless Wash & Wax

What happens if the Wash Wax ALL dries before I wipe it off?

You can either re-spray the area with Wash Wax ALL and it it wipe dry or go over the area with a damp towel and wipe it dry.

How long will Wash Wax ALL last after it's applied?

About 4 to 6 months, depending on the strength of the soap you use to wash your vehicle and whether or not it's garaged.



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