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Wash Wax ALL

Wash Wax ALL is a biodegradable waterless wash and wax in one. Clean & protect your entire vehicle without water. Developed over 30 years ago for Aircraft also works great on your RV, Car, Boat, and Motorcycle. Removes dirt without scratching. Simply spray on and wipe dry, leaving an anti-static, non-stick UV protective coating on all surfaces such as paint, glass, plastic, leather, vinyl, rubber, wood, gel coat, aluminum, granite, and other hard surfaces. Meets Boeing Aircraft cleaning Spec. Exterior D6-17487P and Interior D6-7127M. Works well with the Aero Scrubber

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How to Use Wash Wax ALL

Wash Wax ALL — A quick and easy way to clean and protect Aircraft, Cars, Boats, RV’s Motorcycles, Appliances, Countertops, Windows, Furniture, Leather, Vinyl, Plastics and more. Safe on ALL surfaces safe to water. Can be used as a waterless wash or can be sprayed on after wet washing.

  1. Spray area to be cleaned with Wash Wax ALL
  2. Agitate area with a damp towel. For light cleaning, Step 2 may not be necessary.
  3. Dry the area with a towel before Wash Wax ALL dries.
Wet Wash
  1. Wash as you normally do.
  2. Before drying an area, spray on Wash Wax ALL.
  3. Dry the area with a dry towel.
  • Always dry the Wash Wax ALL before it dries!
  • Wash Wax ALL one area at a time.
  • On hot or oxidized surfaces, follow Waterless - Step 2.

Simply the best waterless car wash. Gently cleans and protects, leaving a non-stick UV protective coating on all vehicle surfaces. Just spray on and wipe dry. 16 ounces will waterless wash up to 4 wax as you dry 7 cars.

Important Information: Understand that this is a Wash and Wax Product. Wax will protect and enhance the shine you currently have. If you have dull, oxidized, or scratched finish you will need a polish to address those issues. Wax is for Protection; Polish is for Repair.