How to: Clean Glass Windows with Wash Wax ALL

Spray on

Wipe Dry

  • Spray the glass with Wash Wax ALL (Blue).
  • Wipe the glass dry with a dry towel or mop pad.

If you see slight streaking, take a clean towel or mop pad, wet it with fresh water, wring it out, and wipe the glass with a damp towel or mop pad. Then dry the glass with a clean dry towel or mop pad that does not have any Wash Wax ALL on it.

wash wax all cleaner car wash

• The reason slight streaking may occur on glass is because glass is not as porous as paint, plastic or gel coat. For this reason, any un-absorbed wax left on the glass from the Wash Wax ALL may leave slight streaking on the glass surface. The damp towel will remove any excess wax and streaks from the glass. You will still have the slick wax coating on the glass.

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