How to: Remove Bugs using the Bug Remover

Patent No. US 8,631,535 B2

Spray On

Let Soak

Spray On


Wet & Dry

This small version of our Mop can be used three different ways.

  • Spray the front of the vehicle with Wash Wax ALL (Blue)
  • Let the Wash Wax ALL soak 5-10 minutes.
  • Re-spray an area that you can comfortably clean before the Wash Wax ALL dries.
  • Scrub the area with the scrubber side of the Bug Scrubber (For extra scrubbing power, put the Bug Scrubber in the power edge position).
  • Flip over to the Mop side of the Bug Scrubber and wipe off the majority of the bugs. It is not important at this stage that you get all the bugs and or streaks off, you just want to break them up and get the bulk of them off, step 6 will complete the cleaning

    If you are cleaning a large area like the front of an RV, we recommend you use the Wash Wax Mop for Step 6. If you do not have the Wash Wax Mop or you are cleaning smaller areas like the leading edges of an aircraft, put a microfiber pad on both sides of the Bug Scrubber to make it a Wet & Dry mop.
  • Take two clean, dry mop pads an place one on the "dry side". Wet the other pad with fresh water and wring it out so it is only damp. Then place it on the "Wet Side". Wipe off the remaining bugs with the Wet side, then flip the mop over and thoroughly dry the area. Do this until you have cleaned all the areas.

Do not apply Wash Wax ALL during step 6 - and for best results, use the full-sized Wash Wax Mop.

Going over glass with a damp towel or pad followed by a dry towel or pad (step 6) will remove any possible streaks left by the Wash Wax ALL. You will still have water beading protection. 
Also see How to Clean Glass with Wash Wax ALL.


  • Pre-soaking the bugs with Wash Wax ALL (Blue) will make it much easier to remove dried or caked on bugs.
  • The next time you remove bugs, it will be easier due to the non-stick coating left behind by the Wash Wax ALL.
  • Keep in mind that you can put the Bug Scrubber in the power edge scrubbing position for hard to remove bugs.
  • For best results, avoid hot surfaces when removing bugs.
  • The wing nut on the Bug Scrubber can be adjusted to keep the Bug Scrubber from pivoting too easily. 
  • Wash Wax ALL and the Bug Scrubber/Aero Scrubber are safe on Chip Guard Laminates, paint protection films such as Diamond Coat, and on TKS aircraft de-ice systems.
  • The Bug Scrubber can be used as a Mini Mop by placing a mop pad on both sides of the Bug Scrubber. This is excellent for getting into tight, hard-to-reach spaces found on RVs, aircraft, and boats.